Department/Contract: Range and Training Area Management (RTAM) Branch, Range Control Facilities (RCF) (Multiple locations)

Pay Rate or Salary: Salaried

Position Description:

Running an effective and efficient GIS in a range operations department requires more than the software tools and computer hardware. Range Mangers (RMs) need support personnel trained in installing, operating, and maintaining the GIS and geospatial data. An experienced GIS Analyst fills this support role for the RM. A Range GIS Analyst assists in the creation of many products used by the RM to support Marine training, such as range certification packages, range regulations, special instructions, and maps. The Range GIS Analyst may also serve as the installation’s lead technician and liaise with National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to update the official Military Installation Map. While other personnel in the department may have had some training in GIS/Range Manager’s Toolkit (RMTK) operation by virtue of a class like “GIS for Range Control Staff”, it is not a substitute for a GIS Analyst with their knowledge and specialized skills. In addition to map making and analytical duties, the Range GIS Analyst serves as the data manager for all geospatial data owned by the range operations department. He or she is responsible for ensuring data quality and accuracy according to USMC and installation standards. The Range GIS Analyst often serves as the sole creator and editor for military operations data at their site and is responsible for data integration with any installation-wide GIS.

Primary Duties:

  • Continually update GIS layers in GeoFidelis database to comply with GeoFidelis Data Model.
  • Develop and implement SOPs to support the GIS and employment of weapon systems.
  • Propose and maintain GIS updates to the Military Installation Map.
  • Propose and maintain GIS updates to the IRSS display.
  • Propose and maintain GIS updates to the RFMSS graphic display.
  • All GIS reports and documents shall be prepared in accordance with Government specifications.
  • Provide range utilization reposts in accordance with RFMSS Reports.