Department/Contract: Range and Training Area Management (RTAM) Branch, Range Control Facilities (RCF) (Multiple locations)

Pay Rate or Salary: Salaried

Position Description:

The FDO must ensure operations run smoothly. The fire desk is the hub of Range Control operations. The fire desk coordinates Range Training Area (RTA) training operation status, tracks all range and training area incidents, addresses any SOP violations and initiates all emergency procedures, clears and monitors any down range personnel, dispatches the range inspector (Range Safety) as needed, and alerts range control supervisory personnel in case of any cease fire situation.

  • The FDO is the quarterback that must see and hear all that is happening in the training area.
  • The FDO must have knowledge of all orders and be able to recite them on command to enable training units to operate in a safe manner.
  • The FDO must have situational awareness of all maneuver and stationary elements, and all live fire events.
  • Post current range and training area updates such as:
    • Range Bulletins
    • Current Live fire
    • Grid to location of each element in RTA’s last known position and time of contact
    • Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC)
    • Weather advisories
    • Radio communications
  • Maintain accurate records in RFMSS.
  • Track all transits in and out of the training area to include any off base training areas.
  • Scheduling functions.
  • Brief and send written reports to the Range Control Officer and key leaders on significant events.
  • Coordinate all CASEVACs aboard installation.
  • Provide technical guidance concerning range operations to any element(s) in training.

Primary Duties:

  • Using RFMSS and IRSS, track scheduled units on the scheduled ranges and training areas.
  • Update and post current range status during training operations on RFMSS.
  • Track all range incidents and initiate emergency procedures and fill out the checklist in RFMSS.
  • Track all down range personnel in RFMSS.
  • Alert the Officer in Charge, Range Safety Officer and Range Control personnel of any Cease Fire requirements in a timely manner.
  • Enter range Utilization data in RFMSS as units’ complete training and upon departure.
  • Conduct RFMSS End-Of-Day functions.
  • Update and maintain RFMSS Logs i.e. DA 1594 Journal, Airspace Activation/Deactivation log, Status Change log, Communications Check log, Utilization log, No Show/Cancellation log, Downrange log, Incident logs and End of Day Process.
  • Review approved range reservations as ranges are occupied of range requests.
  • Provide range operations reposts in accordance with Government specifications.