Asset Management Solutions

Claxton provides all facets of life cycle planning and program management to execute the IUID marking strategy for all six (6) major Marine Corps command elements.

Work efforts include material requirements analysis; data capture and DOD Registry updates with pedigree data sets; planning and acquisition management; material data configuration management/IV&V; and all aspects of inventory marking and management.

Unit level profiles (e.g., assets, locations, life cycle ownership data) are developed and maintained using Claxton’s data storage solution resulting in final integration into the Governments Logistics ERP Solution.

The principal purpose of this task effort is to establish a framework to capture mission-essential assets with a Unique Item Identifier (UII) that represents the ‘pedigree data’ for that asset. UII data is cross-referenced with existing asset data – notably the TAMCN and anomalies, or missing data elements are corrected in the IV&V phase to ensure a cohesive data set for entry into GCSS-MC via the DOD Registry.

Consistent with building a logical framework for data capture is the extensive engineering analysis effort that employs a number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to profile candidate commodities and identify the required levels of asset marking (e.g., prime item, sub-assembly, SECREP) to create the pedigree.